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Lionel Messi once remarked that it took him 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success! Spend some time with the founders at and you would realize that each one of them not just brings complementary skill sets to the table but also the unique trait of being ready for the long haul. is a promising new venture offering affordable online and offline tutoring solutions through its platform for classes 6-12. It connects certified home tutors to students and manages the tutoring process with proprietary content and analytics. The unique proposition that the start-up has come up with is development of skilling centers for tutors to prepare the next generation of qualified tutors to fuel their demand of students worldwide.

A look at the composition of the founding team and the passion that they put into their work and you get an idea that they are marching in the right direction to become a pioneer in the edTech space by ‘democratizing education’ as they call it. The team has Prof. K. C. Sinha, a top Mathematician of the country with 35 years of industry experience as a Professor and author in Mathematics, as their Chief Mentor. His books clock an annual sale of close to 4 lakh copies per annum. Prof. Sinha has been a reputed name in the competitive examinations (like IIT-JEE) segment for over three decades. 

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Prof. K. C. Sinha

The other directors of the company include Anurag and Abbyshek Chandra, both IIT graduates from Kanpur and Roorkee respectively. Abbyshek also has an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad. The two have been running a successful publishing company Eduwiser Publishing Group in the K-12 segment with some of the best authors in their respective fields like Prof. K. C. Sinha and Prof. P. Bahadur on board.

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Anurag Chandra

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Harshit Laddha

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Abbyshek Chandra

urTutors [] was the brainchild of Piyush Kumar, the CEO of urTutors. It started from very humble beginnings in the streets of Bengaluru where this young engineering graduate started offering quality tutoring services to his clientele. He carved a niche for himself in the market in seven years. At one point in time, he was managing over 100 tuitions with around 20 consultant tutors when he met Harshit Laddha, the CTO of urTutors who also happened to be his junior from college. Harshit was working with HP when he decided to leave his plush job to give the required technological ammunition to fuel Piyush’s vision of setting up urTutors. “The motivation to build a platform that solved a real problem was enough to bid goodbye to a cushy job!” says the calm and collected Harshit.

“Picking up the right founding team was uncompromisable. I burnt a lot of my personal saving to sustain but didn’t give in to the lure of accepting any funding without building a team that could take urTutors to the highest level. Thankfully, the wait was worth the while!” says Piyush when asked on what made him approach Prof. K. C. Sinha and Eduwiser (Anurag and Abbyshek Chandra) to get on board.

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urTutors Team

Business-wise, urTutors is registering a good growth. A variety of customizable quality services offered by the company has made it a name to reckon with in the local tutoring market in Bengaluru. The team now looks to expand by using its scalable model in both the online and offline modes to other cities across India. “The online education market will grow manifold. We want to build an ecosystem for the tutoring market where the increased demand is met by a sustained resource pool that is both skilled and available at an affordable rate”, says Abby.

When asked how they look at fending off the stiff competition from big players in the market, the urTutors team remained upbeat about its chances. They feel that the education market is big enough to accommodate quality players. “Our confidence comes from the fact that we have focussed on keeping our basics right and have a profitable revenue model in place,” opines Anurag.

The sky is the limit for the urTutors team and they look well placed to take on the challenge.

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